I’m not going to lie, I wore myself flat out with yesterday’s big reveal.  LOL.  So today I’ve just got a few musings for y’all…

I was at the Publix with the boys and John and I are scouring the Share A Coke display for our names, per usual.  Well, the baby gets all excited and spells out “W-H-I-T.  WHIT!!!!  I FOUND MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  John and I can’t believe it.  We turn to see what he has and both of us nearly lose it.  It was legit one of the funniest moments of the summer.  So we didn’t break his heart, we just let him get it.  He sleeps with it on his bedside table.  I mean, how precious.  And yes, we are all laying in my bed with our Cokes.  I can’t recall for the life of me why.

photo 2 (8)

School really hit the ground running this year.  I’m volunteering as a room mom for both boys.  John’s won’t require much of anything as there are no celebrations in third grade.  (boo hoo hoo)  However, that is probably good because Kindergarten is going to be chocked full of learning, fun and parent volunteers!!!  In fact, today I got to go in and take pictures at recess for the classroom birthday chart.  Here’s a little sneak peek…

DSC_0118 copy copy

I took the pics at recess and, let me just tell you, these kids are FULL of personality.  And silliness.  Case in point: this photo of Whit and his two best friends… totally unposed.  I just happened to catch this on my camera.  What in the world?!?!

DSC_0133 copy2

John is learning all about rocks and minerals in science.  A subject near and dear to his eight year old heart.  He very seriously hit the yard running after school, announcing that he would be mining for amethyst should I need him.  Best of luck to ya boys.  The beautiful thing is that the dug in the yard for the better part of an hour.
photo 4

I recreated this barefoot meal from our Hilton Head spring break trip last week.  It was just as good the second go round!!  Grilled panzanella and tuscan lemon chicken.  YUM!!

DSC_0056 copy

DSC_0054 copy

I also made our favorite edamame fried rice again.  Since I didn’t do the bang bang shrimp that I usually serve with it, I added chopped up rotisserie chicken.  It was quick, easy and yummy!!

photo 1 (2)

As for my tv watching, well there is good news and bad news.  The bad news is that Honey has cancelled Direct TV.  We now have basic cable in one room because it is apparently cheaper to have internet with this one cable line than without it.  Honey has set up all sorts of crazy things with names I can’t pronounce and don’t know how to use… a roku, a roku stick, a flex server, and a hulu.  I’m going to have to schedule training with the man so that I can get my shows.  The good news is that a friend gave him a hand-me-down first generation iPad!!  What what?!?  This family has finally hit the year 2014.  Or would that be more like the year 2010 with our old iPad?  At any rate, he had me watching Pretty Little Liars live on the thing last night.  It was a little strange at first, but when I carried it to the laundry room with me to put the wet clothes in the dryer it was actually pretty cool.

A fun team of five gals, myself included, were all set to do the Run or Dye 5k in Atlanta next month. Well, the race was moved to Athens (which is practically illegal for this GT girl) and we just couldn’t pull it off.  So, over happy hour last week, bestie M and I somehow convinced the boys that we needed to go to the Epcot Food & Wine Festival instead.  I really can’t explain how it all happened (dollar beers were involved), but I DO know that I’m sitting here with a hotel room, a flight and a ticket to Epcot for a girls trip this fall.  I’m over-the-moon excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Food & Wine has been on my bucket list for eons and I’m going to be researching all of the tips and tricks I can find over the coming weeks!!

I’ve got a bunch of boy clothes to list on ebay over the next week.  It’s such a daunting chore that I’m tempted to drop the whole box off at the FedEx place that does it for you.  One way or another, I’m hoping to have them up early next week.  (I’ve got a Food & Wine trip to pay for.  LOL)

Dixie Delights Dressing Southern Tots
Sweet P always hooks me up with the sweetest treats.  A la Coke and Justin’s peanut butter cups.  This must be what Heaven tastes like.

photo 3 (2)

And when I don’t have the official thing on hand, I just eat it straight out of the jar…don’t judge.

photo 1

I accidentally purchased this coffee at the Publix last week.  I tried it this morning and am calling that a happy accident.  It’s like dessert for breakfast.  Which I’m not opposed to at all Smile

photo 5

It wouldn’t be a musings post if I didn’t share the precious CeeCee Lilly Bit (thanks J!)  Here she is eating a Twinkie.  Mother introduced her to this delicacy at the beach and let’s just say there’s been no turning back.

photo 2

With that, I’ve got less than two hours to make dinner, iron some clothes, churn out two etsy orders, work on the birthday chart, pick up a pillowcase from Honey’s mama for a school project AND start on a John’s Olaf hat for our Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party costumes.  Ready, set, go!

DSC_0085 copy


  1. Nice that your school lets you volunteer twice to be a room mom...we can only do one grade so I'm sitting out 3rd grade this year.

  2. Thanks for reminding me about Ina's panzanella and Tuscan lemon chicken. I was going to try the recipes when you first featured them and then forgot. They will make the perfect late summer dinner.

    Delightful musings, as always. :)

    Jane ~ SD

  3. After watching the news, your musings was just what the doctor ordered! I laughed so hard when I saw Whit's Coke bottle!

  4. I know I say this every time, but that's only because it's true - musings are my fave! xo

  5. I love that you can be the room mom and take the cutest pics ever. I know your kids will treasure that always. Have a blessed rest of the week .

  6. I would love to peruse your ebay listings!

  7. Do you have a neighborhood FB resell page? We have one at Buckhead/Brookhaven and it's pretty awesome. You take a picture, post in FB and then somebody comments sold. Most of the time, you can leave item at porch and people leave money under ur mat. Very convenient!

  8. 1. That meal looks devine. 2. I NEED to catch up on PLL and I just haven't done it yet. I'm a year behind. Whoops! 3. If you need to drop that box of clothes off with me, I'll list it for you. ;) You have the BEST boy clothes.

  9. You are going to love the Food and Wine Festival!!!! It's my favorite time of the year to go to Disney...you will be tipsy and full in no time...in the Happiest Place on Earth, no less!!

    1. Yay!!! I am SO excited. We have a few disney trips planned over the next year but this one is going to be amazing I know!!

  10. There are so many fascinating rocks and minerals in Georgia. The boys, in particular, were quick to check out the rocks and minerals books from the media center where I worked. I'm sure John can find plenty of information to keep his rock hunting going for years. I'm a 57 year old rock hound!

    1. Yes!! Honey still has his rock collection and a few books. They got them from his mom's this week and John was thrilled to take some in to share with his class!!

  11. Can't wait to see your version of the Olaf hat. You Rock!

    1. Well it got bumped off yesterday's cram list. Maybe next week :-)

  12. I'm such a dork. I just GASP when I read you have more clothes to sell on Ebay. I've been able to snatch up such cute stuff from you in the past for my little guy and I'm looking forward to what you have to sell next week. Now I just need your sister to sell more of CeeCee's closet and my day will be complete!


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