ALS Ice Bucket Challenge + A Winner

It's the *amazing* phenomenon that's sweeping the nation - the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!!  I was nominated by bestie N and one of my bloggety-bffs Simply LKJ.  It admittedly took me a little longer than 24-hours, and in the mean time, both of the littles were also nominated by friends.  We sat down at the computer and researched ALS, we made our donation as a family, with both littles contributing from their own money, and then we were set!

The baby was up first.  He accepted his "LSP domination", donated his $4 allowance, and was a great sport about the GIGANTIC bucket Honey chose to douse us with...

"Without further ado", John stepped into the hot...er, cold seat.  He donated $15 and also took the deluge bravely...

And finally it was my turn!!  That was a LOT of water.  And it was COLD :-)

In all seriousness, we were proud to accept the challenge as a family and I tip my hat to everyone out there doing the same.  It's the most creative grassroots campaign I've ever seen for this type of cause.  I can't wait to see Sister and my favorite cousin take the challenge next!!

Now, before I run, I am excited to announce the winner of my big Ball jar giveaway!!!  The winner is:

Sarah said...

I love chilled Ball jars for an ice cold Coke with a wedge of fresh lime. I also keep a couple in the laundry room to collect "treasures" from my two little guys' pockets (before their shorts or pants go in the washing machine). I plan to save the jars and their contents and give them to the boys when they are older and reach a milestone birthday:-) It's amazing to see what these little guys "collect" through out the course of a day.
srhbrnn at netscape.net

DSC_0085 copy

Send me an email to claim your prize!!

PS. I was so excited to see that my porch eeked in to the Top 10 Favorite Rooms at Savvy Southern Style today!!!!!!!!!  Yeehaw!!


  1. Great videos, this is such a great cause and so fun to do it as a family.

  2. Loved hearing the voices behind the faces! ALS is horrific but this challenge has hopefully educated people about this disease.

  3. Thank you for accepting the challenge Amanda, and taking it one step further by involving the entire family! Way to go John and Whit!

  4. OMG. So fun to see and hear your adorable family in action. Love love how kids got involved. Pure sweetness! Happy weekend!

  5. Be careful!! My brother once left a live frog in his pocket for my mother to find when she did the laundry!!!
    Julia from SC

  6. Congratulations, Sarah! Your Ball jar idea is fantastic and will make such original keepsakes. I LOVE that!

    God bless all whose lives are affected by ALS. We tragically lost my sister-in-law two years ago, at the age of 56. She was a wonderfully creative homemaker, fabulous cook and incredible mother.

    Kudos to you and Honey for taking the time to explain the true meaning behind the craze. Your videos are very cute!

    Jane ~ SD

  7. Awesome videos, Amanda! My girls just did the challenge this morning! Kudos to your family for accepting the challenge together!

  8. It was adorable watching your family do the ALS ice bucket challenge. I also did it today with my 2 little ones. My uncle passed away from ALS earlier this year. Thank you for helping spread the word about this horrible disease.

  9. Just loved watching the videos and such a wonderful thing that is going on for ALS...this is close to our family as my wonderful aunt passed away many years ago from this horrible disease...Congrats to the winner...

  10. It was so neat to hear the voices that go with the faces we see on your blog! All of your ALS challenges were great, but I must say that Whit's was beyond adorable and I loved how he "dominated" so many friends and his daddy! Absolutely Precious!!

  11. Precious! You and baby have the cutest voices!!! Lori


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