Cinderella Royal Family 5k {Girl’s Trip 2014}

Friday morning we were up before the rooster crowed to don our tutu’s (made by “tutu boss” CLS) and head off to Epcot for the Cinderella Royal Family 5k!!!  I had no idea what to expect and was completely wowed by the entire event.  We boarded our bus at 5 a.m. and disembarked in the middle of a fabulous start line warm up dance party filled with all sorts of fabulously costumed runners.  Magical!!!!  We went as the Monsters Inc. crew – Boo, Sully, Mike and Ros.
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And when it was time for our group to go, we headed out not to a start gun, but to fireworks.  YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

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The first mile was through the parking lot and back of the park, but once we got into Epcot it became pretty magical.  The park was pristine and everything for the Flower and Garden festival was in the works.  We “wogged”  (that’s our term for a walk/jog), soaking up the experience and taking time for a few pictures along the way.

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Now, when I randomly chose Sully for my Monster get up, I didn’t really have any idea how I was going to pull it off.  I searched for a turquoise running tank to no avail, and then one afternoon when I was picking up the playroom I came across the PCP’s Sully costume from last year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Well, if you recall, it was a hot day and I ended up practically sawing off the sleeves to the shirt that Mother had so meticulously made for him.  I tried on his sleeveless shirt and it fit!  And then I thought, what could I do with these cut off sleeves… when I pulled them on my legs, it just all came together.  Topped off with the “tutu boss’s” fantastic and glittery Sully creation and the whole ensemble “screamed” ME!! SO FUN!!

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When we crossed the finish line and I received my first medal ever I truly felt inspired to actually run it next year :-)

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After picking up the coveted runDisney snack boxes and boarding our coach back to the Caribbean Beach, we showered and headed off to The Boardwalk Inn.  We took boxed lunches from the BoardWalk Bakery – including their new peanut butter, banana, and candied bacon pie -  to tables on the water and enjoyed a lovely afternoon of girl talk.

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The rest of our day was spent snoozing and relaxing on the beach before an evening at Downtown Disney.


  1. That Sully outfit is too much! What a fun trip! xo

  2. Love the costume! So creative. Glad you all had such a wonderful time. Your first medal being a disney princess is fitting. So YOU!!

  3. So fun!! I know so many people have done it and everyone raves about it!!

  4. Super cute outfit! I do love a re purposed costume!

  5. Love your outfit so cute :) and the medal is just so awesome !! Way to go girl !!

  6. Love when things just come to you while cleaning! Glad the race was a blast. We were at Epcot last year for the home and garden show & I was in love with all the topiaries. I can imagine it was a beautiful course to "woggle".

  7. Such a cute outfit! Congrats on the medal. I'd say the "tutu boss" is a great seamstress.


  8. This looks so fun...love the costumes, especially your hat!

  9. You look adorable! What a FUN weekend!


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