The Actual Beach

With nothing but blue skies and puffy clouds in the forecast, we finally spent a full day at the actual beach. 

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We lunched on Cowgirl Kitchen nachos right in our beach chairs.  A seriously glorious day!!

photo 2 (16)

And we built a whole kingdom around Cinderella’s sand castle.  Our two Cinderella beach buckets from the Disney Cruise are always envied by other beach goers. 

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John tended to his pet crab all day.  Bringing it fresh sea water, letting it run around in the sand, etc.  He was terribly disappointed when we insisted crabby stay at the beach.

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One of the many things we love about Rosemary is that we park our cars on Saturday and bike everywhere we need to go the rest of the week.  These sights make my heart happy.

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After the beach, we spent a while in the hot tub.  The baby is going to miss it for sure.  At least we have the behemoth blue tub at home.

photo 3 (17)

We met up with Paige and her littles again to watch the play by Seaside REP theater.  This is always a favorite event for the littles and if you are visiting Rosemary, Alys or Seaside, you should definitely check out their weekly productions.

photo 4 (14)
Aaaaannnnndddd we were super thrilled that Jenny Beth from Preppie Peonie and her darling family (and her Whit!) were able to spend the evening with us in Rosemary as well.  Jenny Beth was one of the first bloggers I ever formed a virtual friendship with and she was every bit as fabulous, funny and gorgeous in person as she has been all these years over the internet.  (Cue the stalker soundtrack.) 

photo 5 (14)

After our friends left, we took the littles home to bed and biked back out to Cowgirl Kitchen for supper.  Twice in one day?  Why not!

photo 1 (19)



Sunshine & Seaside

I started off the day ready for a run.  But as soon as I stepped outside the rain came down. 
 photo 1 (18)

So I waited it out with a top-of-the-morning nap in the rocking chair on the back porch of our house.  It was seriously divine.  Not a sound but the rain hitting the tin roof. 

photo 2 (15)

As soon as it passed, the whole crew hit the pool and stayed straight through lunch.  Of course this little “Princess CeeCee Lilly Bit” (as our friend Jayne dubbed her) had all of us swooning all day long.
 July 2014 229 copy  July 2014 233 copy

July 2014 237

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July 2014 239 copy

July 2014 241

(Lilly monogrammed bikini top from ah sew cute)

July 2014 247 copy

I thought this pic was just the essence of summer.  When we’re at the beach we shower the littles outside the whole time. 

July 2014 252 copy

We loaded up around three and headed for our annual shopping and dining evening in Seaside.  We hit some of our favorite stores (Duckies, Pizitz, and the Barefoot Princess in Watercolor)…

photo 5 (12)

photo 5 (13)

And then we spent the rest of the evening on the porch at Great Southern Cafe.  Yummmy!!

photo 3 (15)

photo 1 (17)

July 2014 253

July 2014 255  July 2014 257

July 2014 258

July 2014 262

(The last pair of boy’s Lilly shorts in my coffer…sad!)

July 2014 265

There’s nothing but sun in the forecast for the next few days!!!!


Pool Hopping

With all of the patches of rain moving through, today was an exercise in “quick, the sun is out!!  let’s go…”

We started off the day at the covered Sky Pool and were excited to have the place pretty much to ourselves.

July 2014 167

July 2014 171

July 2014 172

July 2014 184

After lunch on the porch back at the house, the sun was really finally shining.  So we spent the afternoon at one of the outdoor pools.  These three amigos had a ball playing tag in the pool.

July 2014 186

July 2014 195

We were SO sad that our favorite Rosemary SnoBall spot from last year closed up shop.  Mother, John and I tried out the new one at the beach next door but were disappointed in their limited flavor selection and the fact that they had no sour cherry :-( 

July 2014 197  July 2014 199

We ditched Cookie and Bird with the grandparents and headed over to George’s for yet another amazing meal.  John was beyond excited for a grown-up night out and we took CeeCee with us just to make things easier on Mimi and Ampa.  (They made a special trip to Sugar Shak and had a super fun night of their own.)  If you’re around these parts this summer, you have to get the spicy salt and pepper shrimp.  I had a hard time deciding and the waiter offered to surprise me.  Great choice!!!! 

July 2014 202

July 2014 209

July 2014 211

July 2014 213

July 2014 217

July 2014 223 copy

We dropped CeeCee and John back at the house after dinner and headed to the new Havana Bar at The Pearl for dessert (including beachside s’mores and a bacon sampler) and cocktails.  We were super excited to meet up with Paige and two of her littles, and we got to visit with bestie E and her sweet mother for a bit too!!!

photo 1 (15)  photo 3 (14)

photo 2 (4)

photo 4 (11)

photo 5 (11)

I seriously love beach week!!!
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