Dig In…If You Dare {Free Printable}

The further we get into the school year, the more evident it becomes that the third grade team at my school has an aversion to fun.  For example, they don’t get to celebrate their individual birthdays and they are not having a “fall party” or “pumpkin centers” like the other grades (Lord knows we can’t expressly celebrate Halloween).  Rather, they are celebrating the end of their unit on soil and fossils.  Wowza!!  The GREAT news is that John doesn’t think this is lame at all… only his Mommy does :-)  (At this point I should absolutely clarify that we adore John’s new teacher and are thankful for her every.single.day.  From what I understand, it’s a “team” decision not something she personally instituted.) 

But I digress… when I was asked by the room mom to make “dirt dessert” for the soil and fossil shindig, I instantly knew that I had to put a Halloween twist on it.  And I pray I’m not forever prohibited from helping again.  To that end, rather than only having the typical gummy worms crawling out of the dirt, I added a mini pumpkin candy and an oozing gummy skull (Target) topped off with a “Dig In… If You Dare” sign.

DSC_0135 copy

There are various recipes floating around out there.  I went simple and just layered chocolate pudding, crushed oreos and candy.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Dirt Dessert – Serves 24
- 4 packages chocolate pudding, prepared
- 1 package Oreo’s
- bag gummy worms
- other candy, as desired
- pack of lollipop sticks
- 5oz. clear plastic cups (Party City)

1. In each cup, spoon 1/3 cup prepared pudding.
2. I crushed one row of oreo’s per 8 pudding cups in a gallon zip top bag.  So, with one package of Oreo’s you can do all 24 pudding cups.  Spoon to cover the top of the pudding.
3. Decorate with candy and signs (glued to lollipop sticks).

John stayed up late and helped me place the candy.  He is SO excited to bring these in tomorrow!!

DSC_0143 copy

You can find the free printable tags here… good not only for dirt dessert, but for whatever spooky treats you might be cooking up tomorrow!

As for the rest of the night, we took the littles to IHOP for the first time ever as tonight’s Halloween treat.  They loved it!!  They had huge “bowls” of hot chocolate and did the make your own scary face pancakes.  I remember eating at IHOP with my parents as a kid – I adored the strawberry syrup and thought the stack of pancakes was just amazing.  Such fun!!



With that, I’ve got to scoot.  I’m orchestrating the baby’s class party tomorrow and need to help Honey draw ghost faces on the popcorn cups while we catch another episode of How to Get Away With Murder.


Boo Bingo Bash

We just keep on keepin’ on with our Halloween week festivities!!  I convinced Honey to not only take the baby to soccer, but to let John go too so that I could put together a fun little supper for their return. 

DSC_0121 copy

I served one of our favorite winter soups – Southwestern Chili – in my mini pumpkin tureens that Mother gave us years ago.  You can find this recipe, along with my other two favorite chilis, here.  Oh, and a few people have asked me about the plates.  They were a wedding shower gift from Mother eons ago.  They are Spode Archive Collection.

DSC_0118 copy

All of our plastic cups have seen better days so we are moving to real glassware slowly but surely.  The green Ball canning jars were perfect vessels for our witch’s brew (gingerale).  I love to play a game while eating and this Bingo game (target dollar bin a few years back…best dollar I ever spent) comes out year after year.  Rather than doing a prize, we let the person that wins each round challenge someone else to a spooky Halloween dare!!

DSC_0116 copy

Dessert was this fun ghost cake.  I actually made it.  You didn’t fall out of your chair, right?!  I find cake baking and decorating tedious… probably because I’m not so good at it.  I will share all the deets when it’s not my bedtime :-)

DSC_0109 copy

And lest you think everything on my blog is all pretty, here’s the undelightful backside of Dixie Delights.  I just ran out of energy before I finished…

DSC_0124 (2)

Back to more pleasant things – the littles loved our supper.  The baby slithering around like a snake.  (Next time we issue this dare I am going to tape swiffers all over him.)


Brother doing the Frankenstein walk…

DSC_0126 (2)

And Honey cackling like a witch…


At last it was time to cut the cake.  The littles were completely thrilled with the “blood” inside.  *life with boys*
DSC_0132 copy

It was a frightful evening indeed!!  With that, I’m off to bed – Honey and I are catching up on How to Get Away with Murder…


Halloween Kick-off

We kicked-off Halloween week yesterday with all sorts of fun!!  Sister brought Bird and CeeCee over after school and the crew played outside and devoured our Haunted Gingerbread House for an afternoon snack.



We made it last week with a cute kit from Trader Joes.  Since we only got one house, Whit decorated one half and John did the other.

DSC_0049 (2)






Last night I dressed up one of our favorite suppers, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, for Halloween.  I shaped the meatloaf using a large ghost cookie cutter before cooking it.  And then I used my icing thingamajig to pipe the masked potatoes into ghosts.  You can see a little more about how I do shaped individual meatloaves here.


We also brought out our Halloween Truth or Dare game for an extra dose of family fun and laughs.

October 2013 689 copy




It was such a gorgeous night and a super way to kick off one of our favorite holidays!!

Earlier in the day I had lunch with both boys at school (nothing says yum like two school lunches), read our favorite Halloween books to the baby’s class and got my teeth cleaned.  To see this one smiling at school makes my heart sing.


With that, I’m off!!  More Halloween fun is in store tonight…


Disney Pressed Pennies + A Winner

If you will recall, I shared our pressed penny idea (and a free printable guide) for our Disney trip a few weeks back.

DSC_0225 copy
Well, the littles went WILD for the idea and we all had fun searching for the machines and choosing our designs.  There are literally LOADS of machines all over the Walt Disney properties.  We loved how many machines featured designs related to where it was located.  So, in Blizzard Beach we left with pennies of the characters on water slides.  After meeting Anna and Elsa we pressed FROZEN pennies.  So. Much. Fun.  We slid each of our pennies into our little books and they make the neatest, not to mention one of the most affordable, souvenirs!

DSC_0112 copy

You can find all of the details and links on how to do about this adventure on my first post.  We can’t wait to fill up these books and then move on to a second set real soon!!

DSC_0110 copy

While on the topic of Disney, the winner of my Little Black Bow necklace giveaway is Teresa with the email starting efgt20!!!  Email ME to claim your prize!

DSC_0122 copy

With that, I’m off to the dentist, to lunch with the baby, to read some spooky favorites to his class, to make a slew of Disney autograph books and then to craft some pumpkin shaped meatloaf for supper (they are still talking about the mickey shaped meatloaf of yore) !!


Chalk Project {October}

This little project is turning out to be so much fun!!  I went in last week to take the October pictures for our chalk pic a month project in Whit’s kindergarten class.  The littles got so in to their scary-spiders-are-crawling-on-me faces.  October might be my favorite one yet!!


At the end of the year each parent will receive a picture book of their child.  Stay tuned for November…

After mass I helped bestie M settle in to her new classroom and then we spent the afternoon in the yard.  I'm meeting up with my college girls for dinner tonight and then am going to kick off a week of spooky dinners and treats for the littles!!!


Showing Off

Mother and I did something crazy last weekend… we combined forces to show off our wares at a church bazaar.  (Y’all didn’t know how we relish living on the edge…)


We debuted loads of new goodies that I will be listing in my etsy store as soon as I can over the next couple of weeks.

FullSizeRender (24)

Mother made oodles of oyster necklaces in her classic styles, and also a few limited editions!

FullSizeRender (9)

She expanded her Tidal Tassels to include a few different bead styles, as well as necklaces.

FullSizeRender (10)

And I’ve got loads of preppy notebooks (now with lined pages!), mugs, pens, notepads and mouse pads.


We set up right next to That Southern Chick.  Can you believe these darling mugs she made us??  And filled with raspberry lemonade!!!


It sure was a fun day!!


Stay tuned for loads more listings in the etsy store.  Just in time for the holidays :-)


Mother’s Haunted Home

Honey and I had the pleasure of house swapping with Mother and Daddy-O for my reunion weekend.  It was so very strange (and wonderful) to be at their home without all the hustle and bustle that is usually going on when we visit.  I just adored all of her Halloween touches and thought y’all might like a peek into Mother’s haunted home.


I usually don’t make it to Savannah in October since we’re in the thick of baseball season.  I loved her front door wreath.


The pumpkin patch made me want more!!  I also love the metal pumpkins in her two front pots.


Inside, her skeleton is quite fancy with its oyster shell necklace and chunky bracelet.  I love that its reading a Poe book.


The foyer had a few bats on the mirror.


I took a few pictures of the house in general since y’all usually see it decorated for Christmas.  This is the “everyday” look.



She recently painted the living room and dining room a more neutral color.  I loved it… need to find out what it is!  My grandmother’s baby grand piano is out for refurbishment.  I cannot wait to see it!!





Since Sister didn’t have the guest room all covered up in stuff, I grabbed a quick pic from the door


And this is my room.  I had to get creative so that you didn’t see the mess I made of old high school pictures.



Sister’s old room has been transformed into a bunk / play room for the boys.  It’s hard to get a good picture, but Mother has put the most darling sheets and accessories in there.


I hope you loved your little peek.  We sure loved every second of our stay!!

I'm heading back to the ortho today for a check-in on my ankle.  It's not any worse, but I wouldn't say it's much better either.  Can't wait to hear what he says :-)  Oh, and I have a "free" baseball game tonight too.  "Free" because even though John's team got knocked out of the baseball tournament to end the season Wednesday night, the other team was disqualified after the fact for using two ineligible pitchers so we are now back in.  If you follow me on instagram you know just how okay I was with our season being over.  *wahhhhhhhh*
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