Rock Stars, Chess + Chalk

Rock Stars, chess & chalk?  I know, it’s a random mish mosh of what we’ve been up to this past week as the the school year comes to a close!

I volunteered to coordinate the class gift for John’s class.  Her theme is “Rock Stars” and she did an outstanding job interweaving this into everything throughout the year.  So, it only seemed appropriate that her class gift would follow suit.


I made notecards for each student with three different titles “the award goes to Miss C”, “the winner for excellence in teaching”, and “a standing ovation for Miss C”.  Each child wrote her a note and signed their name on the “Presented by” line.  I had them all bound into a book at Kinkos for just a few dollars.  In addition, families were invited to contribute money to the pot.  She’s getting married later this year and we knew cash to go towards those expenses would be wonderful!

DSC_0505 copy

DSC_0506 copy

DSC_0509 copy

For the end of the year party, Miss C hosted “Grammy Awards”!  She donned her evening gown and invite the kids to dress up like rock stars.  They entered through the decorated stage door and walk the red carpet to receive their awards.  Snacks included punch, microphone cupcakes, popcorn and cookies.




IMG_1236 copy
At some point this summer, once the school year is well behind us, I will share more about John’s third grade year and how we credit this amazing teacher for saving him.

But for now, let’s talk about chess.  John wrapped up his third year of chess and the baby finished his first semester!!  Little Whit came in second place for Blitz Chess Tournament amongst the Rookie players (ie. first timers).  I think he had fun, but he’s really pushing for fit club next year.  (I refuse to pay for an extra hour of PE when they have sports and run around in the yard every afternoon already.)  Big brother was runner up overall Chess Champion for 3rd-5th graders.  Not too shabby for being at the youngest end of that spectrum.  He also received one of the coveted “I Beat the Coach” trophies that he’s eyed for years now.  A pretty big accomplishment!!

DSC_0538 copy

And, last but not least, I finished up the year long chalk pic project in the baby’s kindergarten class.  The teachers presented each family with a wonderful hard back shutterfly book documenting their year, with each of these pictures included.  It will be something we will always cherish!  (Those socks…ugh!)

DSC_0014 (2)

And, with that, we’re knocking on summer’s door!!!  I’ve been preparing for our annual Walk of Fame and a “Coolest Summer Ever” after party.  I cannot wait to have these kids home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Share Your Style #14 {Party + Features}

Good evening and welcome back to our Share Your Style party!!!  Each week one of your hosts will take a turn choosing the features, and then ALL EIGHT of us will share them on our blogs for tons of exposure. 

Martina from Northern Nesting

"Here's a few things I shared with you on the blog this month.  If you're not already I would love for you to become a new follower...I love making new friends!"


made this beautiful trumeau mirror...love how it turned out! 

shared this beautiful outside tablescape!

Laura from Top This Top That
shared her beautiful guest room makeover! 
Making my reservations today:-)

Julie from Little Farmstead
shared how she painted her kitchen countertops!! 
What a fabulous transformation!

Christy from Our Southern Home
shared her DIY no sew lampshade...love it!!

Shared this yummy and healthy for you dessert!

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Now, on to this week!  We hope you'll join in with your decor, vintage, DIY, tablescapes, creations and yummies… in other words, pretty much anything STYLE related.  Grab our party button and add it to the bottom of the posts you link up:

Dixie Delights

With that, it’s time to Share Your Style!!


Our Family Is Growing

You read that right!  Our family is growing…by FOUR feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FullSizeRender (7)

The littles and Honey alike have been dreaming of a puppy for years.  But mean old mommy has been the hold out.  I just didn’t feel ready for another thing to take care of.  And, if I’m perfectly honest, for many of those years I would have liked to have had another baby NOT get a pet.  But I’ve read, talked the ears off of my dog owner friends, researched extensively and finally just said YES LET’S DO IT back in February!  The more I’ve talked to others about dogs, the more I’ve decided that people are more opinionated on canines than they are on children.  So, we’re moving forward on what’s best for our family and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Now, without further ado, may I have the great pleasure of introducing y’all to ELSA!!!!!!!


She’s a medium sized goldendoodle and is six weeks old.  She doesn’t come home for another five weeks, but we’re pretty much smitten already.


The littles had their hearts set on a pup named “Awesome Sauce”.  But, I guess through divine intervention little Elsa came with that name.  I kid you not.  Her litter was called the “Frozen” litter and her siblings are Anna, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff and crew. 


She’s a full pound smaller than her biggest sister and was just the sweetest little thing.  She was playful but loved snuggling with us.  We just knew she was the right choice to complete our family.


We’ve got so much to learn, but the boys are “ready” for the responsibility.  We’ve already started making lists of chores, and I have had fun randomly calling out fake to-do’s over the last few months (ie. they have just settled down on the sofa with popcorn and I say “Quick… your dog has to go out  Who’s taking her???).  I really pushed for a puppy that could come home this summer, rather than earlier in the year when we decided to do it.  I just wanted them to be able to be here with her every day to take care of her and take ownership of her.



After about an hour she had worn herself flat out.  The littles were beyond excited.  Beyond.


So, between now and next month we’ll be looking forward to her weekly selfies and gathering up supplies to welcome her home.  Stay tuned for much much more!!!


Lucky Number 13

Today Honey and I are celebrating our 13th anniversary.

1Year 003

As it poured rain this afternoon I couldn’t help but think of the rainy day many moons ago when we tied the knot.  It seems like both yesterday and an eternity at the same time.  I can hardly believe that I have the good fortune of waking up next to this man and navigating my days with him for the rest of forever.  I love you, Honey!!!

PS. I'm guest posting on our experience at the last Expedition Everest Challenge over at The Runner's Guide to Walt Disney World today!!!  It was such a fun night, as have been all of my runDisney experiences.  Hop on over and check it out!!


A 40th Birthday Celebration

After months of planning and daydreaming, Honey’s 40th soiree went off without a hitch.  It was the perfect party for the man, with all of his favorite things making an appearance… cheese, beer, moscow mules and yard games.  I still relish a mailed invitation, so I designed these for the big event.

DSC_0002 copy

The forecast for the whole ten days prior called for rain, rain and more rain.  As luck would have it, the meteorologists were wrong again and it was an absolutely stunning day for an outdoor soiree.

DSC_0621 copy

I rented just a few round tables for extra seating and we set everything up outside, using the front yard, entire driveway and back yard spaces.

DSC_0622 copy

The main event was a make and griddle your own grilled cheese bar.  Honey made the two chalkboards for the porch and John’s room a couple of years ago, and they were repurposed as menu boards. 


A variety of breads were served up in tubs from the dollar tree.  I also used dollar tree hot dog baskets and checkered paper liners in lieu of paper plates.  They were great to load up with chips and sammies!


To keep the meats and cheese cool, I set the platters atop dishes of ice at the last minute.  There were loads of cheeses, meats and toppings to choose from. After putting together their sandwiches, guests cooked them on Honey's hibachi style gas grill.  It was interactive, unique, easy and FUN!


These were the building blocks:

  • sourdough
  • pumpernickel / rye
  • wheat
  • italian
  • good old fashioned white
  • cinnamon raisin (for dessert)

  • goat
  • sharp cheddar
  • american
  • french blue
  • brie
  • marscapone (for dessert)
  • cream cheese
  • pimento
  • fresh mozzarella

  • turkey
  • ham
  • bacon
  • smoked salmon
  • soppressata (and two other) italian sausage
  • prosciutto

  • red onion
  • tomato
  • caramelized onions
  • red onion
  • mustards (dijon, coarse grained, honey)
  • Pepper Jelly
  • Pear Honey Jam
  • Nutella (dessert)
  • bananas (dessert)
  • capers
  • strawberry preserves
  • butter
  • basil
  • arugula


Our friends had the best time concocting their eats!  Here’s how it goes down:
1. Bring on the Bread
2. Choose your Cheese
3. Match with Meat
4. Take a Topping
5. Slip it on the Sizzler


The other table served as the drink station.  Honey has developed a love for the Moscow Mule and this was a late add to the wish list.  But I’m SO glad it was as it turned out wonderfully and people loved it!

DSC_0614 copy

I almost used mason jars for glasses but decided last minute that the red solo cup was way more Honey’s style and really went with the party theme.  Oh, and the fact that they require zero clean up was not a small factor in the decision :-)


There were fixings for four different simple and yummy cocktails on the bar.


I had the Moscow Mule Mix (ginger beer+lime juice) in one jar and Simply Lemonade (my fave) in the other.  Garnishes included lemons, limes, mint and basil.



The regular vodka was used for Moscow Mules and Lemon Drops, while the delish honeysuckle vodka was for the Mississippi Mule and Honeysuckle Lemonade.   Both are from Cathead Vodka.


We had mini Cokes, Coke Zero, bubbly water, wine and coolers of beer as well.


When I was rooting around in the garage earlier in the week, I uncovered the stack of red buckets that used to be in John’s nursery.  As luck would have it, not only did the match the party, but Honey and the boy share the same monogram!!  I filled them with inexpensive pots of vinca that will now get planted in the yard.


Outside the eats and drinks, we had all of Honey’s favorite lawn games set up.  Croquet, bocce ball, ladder ball, corn hole and beer pong.  I’m not sure how that qualifies as a “lawn game”, but it was on the list so who am I to ask questions.



Speaking of beer pong, I was DYING over these shorts from Andy Cup.  They are SO Honey!




I was a terrible photographer once the party started, which I totally regret the next day.  Honey had some of his oldest friends there – from childhood, high school, college through today.  I guess I was having too much fun myself!













The cake was made by my same friend that did the darling baseball cake.  And it was ah-mazing!  We filled the little mini solo cups with real beer… Honey was dying!

DSC_0675 copy

A couple of my besties braved hot wax and burns to help me place and light FORTY candles on the cake! 

IMG_1179 copy

And when Honey had to stop for a breath a few times while blowing them all out…


… he did the shots of beer.


It was a truly incredible, fun and memorable night.  And, with that, I think I can safely cross “#30: Celebrate Honey’s 40th in a big way” off of the 40x41 list!

Happy, happy birthday, Honey!!!!!
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