Share Your Style #7 {Party + Features}

It's time for another Share Your Style party!!!  A big thank you goes out to each and every one of you who have joined in so far.  Each week one of your hosts will take a turn choosing the features, and then ALL EIGHT of us will share them on our blogs for tons of exposure. 

Amanda from Dixie Delights!!

"I’m a so-Southern girl that's spent her whole life living in the South. I love fabulous home decor, everything Lilly Pulitzer, the ballet, Coca-Cola, reading, anything Southern, smocked outfits and knee socks on boys, grits, throwing parties, cooking, the beach, red apple martinis and, most of all, my family.  I’d be *delighted* to have y’all join in on the adventure through my blog!”

headertour copy

Karri at Blue Ribbon Kitchen shared these absolutely darling bunny sack races just in time for Easter!  I wish Mother were in town to help me pull these off. 

The Joyful Home shared her Easter and Spring décor.  I’ve been a long admirer of her style and particularly love her linen bunny DIY.  While you’re over on her blog, also check out her ideas on teaching kids about Easter.  A topic near and dear to my heart. 


The Painted Apron offered a wonderful tutorial for painting bunnies.  I am severely challenged when it comes to painting, but this is one even I couldn’t mess up!

hopping bunny thepaintedapron.com

Sweet Chaos Home shared her positively stunning chinoiserie wallpaper panels and ingenious frames.  I was swooning over her entire home and will be staking out a place for something similar stat!

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Now, on to this week!  We hope you'll join in with your decor, vintage, DIY, tablescapes, creations and yummies… in other words, pretty much anything STYLE related.  Grab our party button and add it to the bottom of the posts you link up:

Dixie Delights

With that, it’s time to Share Your Style!!

Boy Mom Madness {April Fools BOY DIY}

Day three of our fun Boy Mom Madness series brings boy inspired DIYs! 
boy mom madness graphic FINAL
As y’all know by now, we celebrate BIG around here.  And April Fools Day is one of our favorites!!  My boys delight in all things silly.  They act silly, they say silly things and they absolutely positively LOVE it when Honey and I join in on the silliness.  It’s like silly to the power of four.  So, I thought I’d stretch the “DIY” umbrella today to share what is one of the silliest and most anticipated nights of the year with our boys… the April Fools Day dinner! 

March 2013 687 copy

The boys awake to find dinner party invitations on their pillows!  But not just any dinner… it’s a four course fiasco.  Going from silly descriptions on the menu, they place orders for all four courses at the beginning of the meal.  You can only get each item one time and can’t have any repeats.

March 2013 678 copy

The meal itself is simple to make and can mostly be prepared earlier in the day.  The real fun begins when the food starts hitting the table.  John’s second course, for example, was a fork, napkin, ice cubs, pat of butter and sliced cucumbers.  HYSTERICAL to two little boys.

March 2013 701 copy

I’ve got all the details as well as free printable files for everything HERE.  I’ve also done a Disney themed version HERE.  Aannnndddd, you can see ALL of our April Fools Day shenanigans HERE!

I’ll be back tonight with pictures of the 2015 event!  I’m already giggling with anticipation.  In the mean time, be sure to hop over to the other boy mom blogs and check out their BOY DIYs!

We’ll wrap up Boy Mom Madness on April 3 with the ULTIMATE BOY MOM prize pack and a link party for you to share your favorite boy mom ideas!

We swapped the boys into each other's beds last night so they woke up as their brother.  We called them by the other's name, fed them the other's breakfast in his brother's seat and carried on like that all morning.  They were SO confused but thought it was hysterical!!  With that, I’ve got to get cracking on prep for our little party tonight!

UPDATE:  We’ve had our super silly supper and it was a HUGE hit for the third year running!!

DSC_0006 copy

DSC_0009 copy


When you don’t order a fork, you have to eat with your hands!  He did pretty good on this one getting the tomatos on the salad and strawberries on the shortcake…




These were the kinds of plates that had us cracking up.  Whipped cream, mashed potatoes and a cup of ice…



Our day was silly from sun up to sun down.  They really started playing along with the whole waking-up-as-your-brother game after school.


DSC_0015 copy


Boy Mom Madness {Oh Boy Organization}

Our fun little Boy Mom Madness series continues today with tips and tricks on organizing for boys.

boy mom madness graphic FINAL

Let me just tell you that the project I am going to share today was one of the best things I ever did!  Honey and I put our heads together over the course of many dinners and cocktail hours to dream up the perfect garage locker system for storing all of the gear that comes along with two very active boys. 

August 2013 391 copy

People, we’ve got bikes, baseball, tennis and soccer gear, pool and beach items, camping and fishing stuff, three golf bags, and so much more.  And 90% of it now has a home.  We’ve found with our littles that when you give everything a space, they are much more likely to put it back in it’s place.

May 2013 471 copy

This spring we will be building in shelving for the last space between the windows.  We were waiting on the boys to outgrow a few things (like the inflatable bounce house) before taking on this last piece. 

May 2013 485 copy

Cleaning up the garage and making it pretty looking has been huge.  Every time I pull into the house it’s the first thing I see, and the same holds true for almost all of our guests (we are a come on in through the garage door type of family.)  I cannot tell you how much better it feels to be welcomed by this rather than the atrocious unorganized mess we had before!  You can see the before and after pics, learn exactly how we pulled it off and find all of the sources HERE!

Be sure to hop over to the other boy mom blogs and check out where their little ones lay their heads at night!

Don’t forget that we’ll wrap up our Boy Mom Madness week on April 3 with the ULTIMATE BOY MOM prize pack and a link party for you to share your favorite boy mom ideas!

Speaking of boy mom madness, I’m going to have to clone myself to make it to two sporting events tonight.  Check in tomorrow for our boy DIY ideas!!!


Boy Mom Madness {Boy Bedrooms}

Today kicks off a super fun blogger collaboration on snips and snails and puppy dog tails and ALL THINGS BOY!!!  Over the next five days, we will share and dish on things like boy inspired decor, organization, DIY, and style, with the whole shebang ending in a link party and AMAZING not-to-be-missed giveaway!!!  If you’re new here, I’m the proud (yet girly girl) mommy of nine year old and six year old sons.  They challenge and inspire me daily and have brought more adventure to my life than I ever could have imagined.  I hope you’ll stick around after the series is over!

boy mom madness graphic FINAL

Moving right along to the topic du jour, I’ve got TWO boy bedrooms to share today.  And while I have two of them decorated and set up, they still sleep together in one. It is the sweetest thing in the world and I will never rush them to adopt their own spaces.  In both rooms I let the boys lead the direction of colors and things they love, but tried to design spaces that fit the rest of the house and would grow with them for years to come.  There are a few common things that I did in both rooms…
1. Original art
2. Plenty of space to nicely display favorite books, toys and treasures
3. Gallery walls for inspirational words and family photos
4. Good lighting for both playing (nice and bright), reading at night (lamps) and sleeping (dimmers)

Up first is John’s room.  He desired a room with “blue, black and lots of fish”, and we worked on this space over the course of a year.  Throughout our home I display things that we love and use family antiques, and the boy’s rooms are no exception.  This room was originally two but a previous owner removed a wall to make one very large space.  In addition to just sleeping, there is room to play and a dedicated desk area for school work and studying (down the road… we are not quite independent on these things).  You can find many, many more details and all the sources for this room HERE.

November 2013 305 copy copy

November 2013 363 copy

November 2013 262 copy

While my little one has his very own bedroom, it’s really just used to hold his “treasures” and clothes at this point.  He was only four when I did his room so he didn’t have a whole lot of demands as far as décor.  He wanted one big crab for the wall and I left everything else very neutral.  You can find many, many more details and all the sources for this room HERE.

January 2013 035 copy

October 2012 364 copy

October 2012 394 copy

Be sure to hop over to the other boy mom blogs and check out where their little ones lay their heads at night!

We’ll wrap up our Boy Mom Madness week with the ULTIMATE BOY MOM BUNDLE prize pack worth over $500. So many amazing vendors have offered their goodies!  By the way, don't worry if you are not a boy-mom. I know any girl mom, aunt, grandma, sister, brother, dad, ok, pretty much ANYONE would be over the moon to win this prize pack!


Come back tomorrow for Oh Boy Organization!!



It’s time to catch up on some musings, goings and doings…


This is the happiest mail day I ever did see… pink scalloped Lilly shorts (thanks Mother and Daddy-O), a new pink phone charger (to differentiate mine from the boys’), and two spring reads!



Bestie P and I had an impromptu date at Café at Pharr in Vinings.  You must go if you have not.  YUMMMMMMM!



We also spent a lovely Spring evening catching up with the littles played outside.  Makes me SO excited for summer!






I have a love hate relationship with this hat.  I mean, I hate it because it’s so silly.  And I love it because it keeps me warm when we walk to school.  And I double love it because it is so darn embarrassing to John.  LOL, y’all.



Speaking of John, he’s ditched baseball for track and field this season.  And he LOVES it!!!  Honey and I have been on him to give it a shot for some time now.  I mean, he has consistently placed in school runs since Kindergarten and shows natural talent.  So happy to see him happy and loving something new.




These happy little notepads made their way to etsy customers last week.  You can find them in the Preppy Papers section of our shop.




I spent a day down at the old stomping grounds last week.  Go Jackets!!!



Baby girl came over in a cute little Old Navy dress at the eleventh hour to get my littles off the bus when I was running late.  I had just received this precious Beaufort Bonnet and it matched perfectly!!



John is learning all about heat and energy in school.  This is evidence of how he can come up with ANY reason to need to eat a marshmallow.  “It’s a heat experiment to see what happens when I microwave them.”  *riiiiiight*  PS. Giant marshmallows courtesy of bestie M.  She knows the way to John’s heart.



Mother and Daddy-O came to town this weekend to celebrate my birthday with the fam.  My request for 39 was takeout from my fave bbq joint and game night.  A few eyes might have rolled but everyone knows they had fun in the end :-)





Bird and Cookie had their very first sleepover that same night.  They really had the BEST time and I look forward to many years of cousin slumber parties!!  Daddy-O ran out for Krispy Kremes the next morning, which was icing on the cake.



Mother and Daddy-O gave me these darling scalloped flamingo shorts for my birthday and Mother appliqued me a matching tank.  Now, can we please get some warm sunny days…



With that, I’ve got ten thousand things on my to-do list.  Better get crack-a-lackin.


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